Gwam Gwam Gwam, Gwam Do You Know About Another MAMA?

I am very into world music. I listen to sings from Korea, Japan, India, Thailand and many more countries. I never let language be a barrier for creativity and entertainment. So I listen to any music I find interesting regardless of if I understand what is being said. I am Nigerian anyways; our music is not the most comprehensible lyrically. I can’t be too finicky about understanding the lyrics to a song.

In Asia, there is an award ceremony called MAMA, the acronym for Mnet Asian Music Awards. It one of the biggest music awards in Asia. So when people say MAMA, I ask which one. They are usually like “which other one”. When your circle is wider. The other MAMA I know of is MTV Africa Music Award that took place recently in Johannesburg. I wanted to attend but Trevor Noah cancelled. So there was no point since there was no one else I was looking forward to. The music this year didn’t really get me hyped up. MAMA (Asia) is taking place in December and I am so excited. I can stream it live, YAY. But my favourite artist Bigbang won’t be performing, NAY. I am going to watch anyways for BTS and other artists that I like.


So for the past MAMA (Africa), I was really happy with the award winners. They were mostly Nigerian and South African, two countries I identify with. Most people complain about how mostly Nigerians or South Africans win. I think because they are the giants of entertainment in Africa. It’s inevitable. That is how it is in other continents as well. In MAMA (Asia) Korean artist usually wins because of its strong entertainment presence in East Asia. As award season continues this year, I am really excited to see which artists win it big. What a way to end the year. *Day dreaming about winning artist of the year*.

Gwam, what songs do you listen to?

Gwam, are you interested in award ceremonies? If yes, what is your favourite part, red carpet or performances?

XOXO Steph To You Later


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