GWAM GWAM GWAM, GWAM If You Plan On Doing Things But You Don’t Do Them.

Writing is really emotional. I know what I want to write, I tell myself I am going to write but I don’t end doing it. I don’t mean writing a blog entry I am talking about my scripts here, my future. We are getting serious Gwammers. Girl has to make some cash money and selling my scripts is my only sure way of making it. My scripts are my products that I have to produce like… yesterday. Sometimes I open my laptop, turn it on, go on my word document and write a few words. Then I tell myself, I am not in the mood. I better a watch a movie that will get me inspired than write a mediocre episode. I know that before the end of this year, I will finish my first season of my script and that is my only comfort. I really don’t like procrastinating but damn writing no be beans (writing is not easy).
This is my shortest entry yet because I am just so sick and tired of being sick and tired of writing.

GWAM, if you get my exhaustion?

Gwam, have you been in something similar?

Gwam, what are sick and tired of being sick and tired of?

XOXO Steph To You Later


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