Gwam Gwam Gwam, Gwam Have You Ever Been Excited For Something Yet To Happen?

My sister @Lolo_cy got an opportunity to interview Ebony Life TV’s CEO, Mo Abudu. The only criterion for this interview is that she gets five thousand retweets on her tweet about the interview. Confusing? The retweets game going on in Nigeria Tweet-sphere, where one gets something if they receive a certain amount of retweets. Well my sister has to get 5k retweets to get an interview. When I read this, I screamed. I was so happy; I started thanking God for giving her the opportunity. I started thinking about what she might get after the interview even though she was still on a 100 retweets. Well it’s just four thousand nine hundred to go, no biggy right?

I don’t get super excited for other people only. I get excited for myself too. Well who doesn’t? You never know. So what is tickling my fantasy? I came across an open audition call for MTV’s Shuga. I have been a fan of the show since… forever. I watched it when it was still in Kenya; when Lupita Nyong’o still got ten seconds of screen time. I watched it when it moved to Nigeria. I even followed the actors on twitter. Now I get the opportunity to audition. AH!!!!!! I hold back screams when I think of it.

I am already planning my December holiday like I have already gotten a role on MTV’s Shuga season 5. The filming is going to take place from December to January; and this time it is set in South Africa. Finally being in this country has it perks for me (in terms of auditions). Even though they say they want South African actors, I am going to audition. Nothing can stop an Igbo girl on a mission. South Africa is a country filed with people with several nationalities and it is only realistic to have a foreigner in the series, right? Right. So I am going to audition anyway. Get the role, if don’t get a lead role, I get a supporting one or just get to be on set as an assistant. Spend my holiday filming, become a huge star and the rest becomes history. Oh! I am so excited. I see it; my name credited on the cast list at the end of every episode. I finally get to talk to Olumide Owuru (Weki) in person.

Gwam, what gets you really excited?

Gwam, do plan for a future that is heavily based on probabilities like they are certainties?

Gwam, how often do you daydream?

XOXO Steph To You Later


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