Gwam Gwam Gwam, when last did you try something new?

My life was one heck of a yawn fest. Every day I did the same things, go to class or go to church, sleep and wake up to the same routine. Ah I just couldn’t stand it anymore, so started this blog and this is my first blog entry. I don’t think I am a good writer, so I am really nervous. I hope my Gwammers will like my style of writing.  Since this is the first entry, I am going to make it an induction.

Firstly, the name of my website is Gwam: Steph To You Later. Gwam means “tell me” in my native tongue which is Igbo Language. Steph To You Later is basically TTYL (Talk To You Later). I replaced the “T” with an “S” because my name is Stephanie and I sharing myself with you. Yes, this blog is all about me. I am narcissistic like that.

Who is a Gwammer? A Gwammer is someone who likes to share ideas in a respectful manner and read my blog entries. So READ my entries.

Why did I start writing since I don’t think I am a cut out for this writing thing? O wu ego – It is money. I wanted to start a YouTube channel where I post rants, reviews, reaction video amongst other things but the economy is bad. Whatever I do, I try to do it to my best ability and having a proper channel requires abilities. Nna, that is a gist for another day.

What are going to be my topic of discussion? I really like music (so much that I want to be a musician). So you are probably going to see several music related entries, which musician I think on the right path and those that are slacking (just got an idea for an entry). My love for music is not limited to Nigerian or Western music. I listen to songs from all over the world. I also love movies. It’s a shame I don’t get to watch as much Nigerian films as I used to. Now I watch a lot of Asian films and rarely watch American films these days. I am going to post reviews on the films I watch and also my thoughts on actors. I will also have random Gwam Fests where I will write about any topic that comes to mind.

So are you excited? I know I am. I am happy that you are joining me on this journey.

XOXO Steph To You Later


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