Gwam Gwam Gwam, Have you ever been robbed?

I was robbed for the first time in my life on the 7th of July 2016. My cellphone, bus card and student card were stolen. My phone contains all of my information, memories and songs. I just bought one gigabyte of data. My sim card contains phone numbers of people I met since when I was still in Nigeria, which is since 2013. I really don’t know how I feel now. My friend kept speaking to me, saying “Stephanie don’t be depressed about this”. Saying that didn’t help out all. It only evoked emotions I didn’t want to feel. I guess she knows me well. She played music for me using really loud speakers. After I listened to This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna, I felt better. When things like this happen (not getting robbed but sad things), I like to listen to Eminem songs. His songs really get me out of my funk; they uplift me. Gwam what do you listen to when you are down?

I am currently in the rehearsal process of a theatre production I co-star in. I thought I wouldn’t be able to rehearse my lines and songs (it’s a musical), but I did, quite well and quickly if I may add. I believe everything happens because God lets it. I have been complaining about my phone for a while now. I have been using it for almost three years now and it is not a Samsung, iPhone, Sony or Techno. Basically any name you think of, it is not it. I still write about my phone like I still have it. Back to God, maybe this is God’s way of getting me a new a phone. I promised the robber that I would pray for him and begged him to return my sim card and memory card. Oh! My songs *crying tears*. My pictures, My contacts, My documents, My everything *sweating blood*

GWAM have you ever been robbed?

GWAM that song you listen to when you are down. Do you have a song like that?

XOXO Steph To You Later


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