Gwam Gwam Gwam, Gwam Have you taken opportunities you really didn’t want to take?

An opportunity has been knocking on my door, “kpom kpom Kpom Kpom open the door to your heart make I enter”.  I didn’t want it to enter; I was pushing it away. Okay, let me give you the gist. I am a really lazy person. I like to work doing only the things I like to do, e.g. filming, writing and acting for CAMERA. Recently, an audition opportunity for a contemporary South African version of Macbeth came up and I have been thinking about auditioning. I will have to act, sing and dance on STAGE. I AM NOT THE BIGGEST THEATER. Yesterday, I decided not to audition and focus on my script called High Skool (working title). I know being part of that play would be really good on my CV but my lazy butt just wouldn’t let me.

I beat myself up a lot about every little thing. When I try to lazy away, I just can’t follow through. Even though the alternative is long rehearsal nights for about two weeks straight and losing what is left of my social life, *which is nothing*. So, today the 14th of July 2016, I woke at five a.m. with thoughts going through my mind and head. I asked myself, “Are you really going to write anything? Aren’t you just being a lazy bum?” Then I got up and sang “I got bills, I gotta pay…” Okay, I didn’t sing it, I felt it. I am not that dramatic. So my questions to you are,

Gwam what are you going to do when faced with a similar situation?

Gwam, do you know the name of songs where I got the lyrics in italics used in this entry?

XOXO Steph To You Later


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